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cges.co.uk: Разведка и добыча является основным бенефициаром всплеска цен на нефть

The changing constituent shares of oil’s value chain — i.e. the contributions to the final price of oil made by pumping, transporting, refining, marketing and distributing, and taxing oil — show that the main beneficiary of the surge in oil prices since 1973 is the upstream sector, whereas transportation, refining and distribution/marketing have all seen their share of the final selling price squeezed.

In 1973, the cost of crude accounted for 32% of the final price of oil and consumer taxes amounted to 40%, leaving 28% for the rest, but by 2013 the upstream share has more than doubled to 70%, tax accounting for a further 19%, leaving only 11% of the final price for the other components.

Oil transportation has been the worst hit, seeing its share fall from 15% to 1.7%, highlighting the classic economic case of the surging cost of the principal raw material eating into the earnings of the other activities in the chain.
Tags: cges.co.uk, peak resources, история, налоги, нефть добыча, поиски и разведка
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