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02 September 2010 @ 11:20 am
The Gold-Oil Ratio  
Gold:Oil Ratio (Barrels of WTI per Ounce of Gold; monthly since 1946) -- incl. May 2010


Gold Price History

Oil Price History


Jun 17, 2008

The gold to oil ratio remains near all time multi decade lows and clearly shows gold is undervalued vis a vis the lifeblood of the global economy - black gold or oil. With gold at $880 per ounce and oil at $135 per barrel, the gold/ oil ratio is now at 6.5. The average in the last 40 years is 15. Oil has well surpassed it's inflation adjusted 1980 high of $104 a barrel ( the nominal high in 1980 was $39.50 a barrel which equals $103.76 in today's money).

April 1, 2005