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Petrobras: fact sheet 2009

Petrobras’ performance indicators include (2008 data): daily average oil and gas production of 2.4 million barrels; 16 refineries; 142,300,000 km² of exploratory area, with more than 13,000 producing wells; 112 production platforms; its own tanker fleet of 54 vessels; 46 terminals; 5,998 service stations (35% of the Brazilian distribution market); and 17 natural gas-fired thermoelectric plants with a generation capacity of 5,443 MW. Proved reserves: 15 billion of oil equivalent (SPE methodology).

The main feature of the past few years has been the discovery of the largest offshore domestic oil province in the pre-salt layer. This discovery potentially ranks Brazil among the countries with the largest oil and gas reserves in the world. The first delimited area, Tupi, has recoverable volumes estimated between 5 and 8 billion barrels of light oil and natural gas. In August 2008, Petrobras announced the estimated recoverable volume in the area denominated as Iara as 3 to 4 billion barrels of oil and natural gas. These areas are located 230 km off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, in pre-salt structures in the Santos Basin at 2,230 meters from the water line and at a depth of upwards of 5,600 meters of rock and salt. The company has had a 100% success rate in all the wells drilled in the pre-salt area.

In 2008, Petrobras reported net operating revenues of US$ 118.3 billion, 35% more than a year earlier.

Oil and LNG production averaged 1,966 thousand barrels/day in 2008, while natural gas production
was 420 thousand barrel equivalent per day, totaling a production of 2,400 thousand boe/d of oil and gas. Oil product output in Brazil in 2008 was 2,223 thousand barrels/day, 3% higher than 2007, while the company’s sales volume was up 4% compared to a year earlier.
Petrobras maintains its goal of increasing reserves at a faster rate than production and to reach a minimum 100% Reserve Replacement Index (RRI). In 2008, the RRI was 109%. As a result, the Reserve/Production (R/P) ratio was 18.2 years according to the SPE criterion.

With approximately US$ 2.6 billion in investments overseas in 2008. The company has operations in four continents and in upwards of 27 countries. The Business Plan provides for investments of US$ 174.4 billion. Of this total, US$ 158.2 billion are being allocated to projects in Brazil and a further US$ 16.2 billion to activities overseas with a focus on Latin America, United States and West Africa.

The company’s investments focus on the domestic and foreign E&P segment, which will receive US$
104.6 billion, 59% of the total approved for the period. Of this amount, approximately US$ 28 billion is being allocated to the development of the pre-salt layer, production which is expected to reach an average of 219 thousand bpd in 2013. The new Plan incorporates this new frontier, establishing more aggressive production growth targets than the preceding plan. Oil and natural gas is to reach 3,655 thousand boed in 2013, 3,314 mil boed representing domestic output.

Fact Sheet

Тупи-Йара (BM-S-11) — гигантское нефтегазовое месторождение в Бразилии. Расположено в Атлантическом океане 330 км юго-востоку от г. Сан-Паулу. Тупи открыта в октябре 2006 году с разведочной скважиной 1-RJS-652. Йара открыта в сентябре 2008 году с разведочной скважиной 1-BRSA-618-RJS.
Тупи относится бассейну Сантоса. Нефтеносность связана с отложениям каменноугольного возраста. Глубина моря на блоке 2,1 км. Залежи на глубине 5,1-5,3.
Тупи состоит из 2 частей на севере Йара и на юге сам Тупи.
Начальные запасы нефти блока BM-S-11 2,1 млрд. тонн, из них Тупи - 1,4, а Йара - 0,7. Плотность нефти 0,876-0,887 г/куб.см. Она содержит маловязкую среднюю нефть со значительным количеством парафина; растворённый газ содержит до 18% СО2.
Оператором месторождение является бразильская нефтяная компания Petrobras - 65%, а BG Group - 25%, Petrogal - 10%.
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