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Per Capita Oil

Peak Oil Per Capita

A reader asks to see a graph of global oil supply per capita - here it is. The global population data are from the US census bureau, and the oil supply data are from ASPO through 1979 and EIA total liquids after that (the two sources agree to within a percent or so in the overlap).

Per Capita Oil Consumption Around the World

Following up on yesterday's post of global oil production per capita, the above graph shows oil consumption per capita for an illustrative selection of countries around the world (along with the world line in black for comparison). You can see that the developed countries all had peak consumption in the 1970s, fell in the early 1980s, then were flat for a while and began declining again. In Europe, that second decline began in the mid 90s and has been gradual. In the US it started in 2005 and has been rather abrupt.


World Per Capita Oil Consumption 1965 - 2009

The per capita consumption of oil and total primary energy were calculated for the world using data derived from the BP Statistical Review of World Energy (Web: www.bp.com) and the CIA World Factbook. (Web: www.cia.gov/publications/the-world-factbook/index.htm).
The average value for the 27 years inclusive from 1983-2009 was 4.54 bbl/P/Y with a standard deviation of 0.10 bbl/P/Y.


1 trillion - Number of barrels of oil produced since the start of the industry
1.4 trillion - Estimated number of barrels currently considered technically and economically accessible—out of 5 trillion total barrels of petroleum resources in the ground
30% - Increase in annual world oil production since 1978


There will be peak oil
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