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eia.gov: U.S. coal exports

U.S. 2012 coal exports, supported by rising steam coal exports, are expected to break their previous record level of almost 113 million tons, set in 1981. Exports for the first half of 2012 reached almost 67 million tons, surpassing most annual export volumes for records dating back to 1949. U.S. coal exports averaged 56 million tons per year in the decade preceding 2011. If exports continue at their current pace, the United States will export 133 million tons this year, although EIA forecasts exports of 125 million tons.

Total U.S. coal exports, including both steam and metallurgical (met) coa


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Рост экспорта энергетического угля, скорее всего, связан с увеличением использования газа для выработки электроэнергии

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