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The Most Profitable Oil Field In The World Is Right Here In America

You can pretty much throw a dart within the swatch we outlined and hit a site. Here's Karnes County, Texas, just a few miles southeast of San Antonio, is one of the Eagle Ford's hotspots. You can see the heavy concentration of oil facilities here

And here are some of the sites up close: the rig...

The injection site

An operating well

The company's well costs have plummeted, even as they've had to dig deeper to get the the oil

The rush has created echo booms for local economies in the play...

You've Never Seen Anything Like This North Dakota Oil Boomtown

9 Charts That Show Why People Have Begun To Whisper About 'Saudi America'

Growth in US oil production this year has just been insane. It's put growth everywhere else to shame.

And employment in the oil and gas business has now hit its highest level since 1992.

The boom in oil has been so fast that it's stretched our infrastructure. Producers are forced to ship it by rail, since there's no other way to move it. 2012 has been a dynamite year on this front.

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