iv_g (iv_g) wrote,

eia.gov: Рост экономики Индии и ее энергопотребления

In 2012 India had the tenth-largest economy in the world as measured in 2012 U.S. dollars (converted at official exchange rates), and the third largest economy in the world when GDP is adjusted for inflation and purchasing power. This inflation-adjusted GDP has grown at over 7% per year since 2000, although it slowed to just over 5% in 2012 according to the Indian Central Statistical Organization. As a result, the growth rate for total energy consumption likely fell from prior-year levels. However, forecasts suggest higher real GDP growth in 2013, which EIA expects to be accompanied with greater growth in energy consumption.

Tags: eia.doe.gov, Индия, карта трубопроводов, энергетика диаграмма
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